My husband and I completed the Birth Journey Childbirth Education Class in 2016. We loved it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a deeper understanding of the birth journey, birthing options and techniques, and how to own your birth and make it a positive and enlightening experience -- no matter what gets thrown at you. Although we initially planned on having an un-medicated birth at home or at a birthing center, we ended up having a planned cesarean section in the hospital at 36 weeks due to a medical condition. This unexpected change in plans definitely threw us off, but Mire and Chantal helped us embrace the turn of events and gave us the confidence and trust we needed to make the birth positive and empowering, tailoring the class to meet our needs. Chantal’s decades of experience as an RN in labor and delivery and as a lactation consultant helped us understand what to expect from a medical perspective, both during delivery and as we began to breastfeed and care for a pre-term baby. Mire and Chantal also helped us effectively incorporate holistic prenatal, birthing and postpartum techniques, even though we delivered in a hospital setting. Now instead of being disappointed that I had a c-section, I find myself hoping that my scar never fades away! Together, Mire and Chantal provide the perfect combination of medical and holistic expertise and personal experience, and that was a big part of helping us create an empowering and deeply emotional birth of our own. We highly recommend working with Mire and Chantal!  

-- Sarah and Etan, Huntington Beach, CA

  • History of Birth in U.S.
  • Being with and getting past fear
  • How to be empowered by YOUR birth
  • What are the stages of labor
  • Understanding pain and ways to manage it
  • How to Trust your Body, your Baby and YOURSELF
  • What's an emergency
  • How to handle the unplanned
  • Medical tools and practices
  • How to create an awesome birth team
  • What is support
  • Sacred space
  • Skin to skin with your baby
  • How your amazing body and your baby's body are symbiotic
  • Self care

This 8 week course is extremely informative and it's holistic approach supports the mother's empowerment in a profound way - connecting her and her partner deeply to their baby through this amazing initiation that challenges the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental planes. Here is the outline of this unique childbirth education course:

Class 1:  History. Fear. Empowerment.

Overview of course

History of birth

Fear and anxiety of birth

Birth empowerment discussion

>> Meditation

Class 8:  Last Class

Review Course



>> Meditation

Class 2:  The Labor Path

Review Class 1

Pre Labor

Early Labor

Active Labor

Spiral through transition

Wild transition into urge-to-push

Pushing out the Universe

>> Meditation

Class 3:  The Mountain

Review Class 2

Pain management


Yoga breathing

What is pain?

Climbing the MOUNTAIN

Initiation - the "ordeal"


>> Meditation

Class 4:  Hills, Sharp Turns and Valleys

Review Class 3

Back labor

Emergency vs. Complication

Strange Pains

Emotional Issues

Body work

Your comfort zone - Creating your safe place

>> Meditation

Next 8 week Session // Thursdays 6-9p 

June 1 - July 20, 2017

At Integrated Birth in Huntington Beach, CA

$400 per couple

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Class 5:  Tools

Review Class 4

Need for forceps 

Need for Vacuum

Medication Options


Working with your hospital team

Working with your homebirth team

>> Meditation

Next 8 week Session // Thursdays 6-9p 

June 1 - July 20, 2017

At Integrated Birth in Huntington Beach, CA

$400 per couple

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Class 6:  Birth

Review Class 5

The "ring of fire"

First moments after birth

The microbiom


Umbilical cord

>> Meditation

Birth Journey Childbirth Education OC

Class 7:  Postpartum

Review Class 6


Tuning in

Self Care



Inner Circle

Baby Moon

Placenta Rituals

>> Meditation

Learn this and so much more:

The metamorphosis into Motherhood is begun by a great initiation. A huge transformation takes place at the time of birth where an unborn baby is brought into the material world and a mother is born.  

Say you decide to hike up the Himalayas... you would ravenously study the journey at all levels (mental, physical and spiritual). This way you'd be as prepared as possible for an experience wildly awesome yet positively challenging.  It's with similar determination and openness that a woman prepares for birth. 

The ordeal of the journey is the initiation. The adventure is in the struggle, in the despair and ultimately in the triumph. The ordeal is the "meat" of the story, the that which is worth sharing many years later at a cozy dinner party with dear friends.  

The ordeal is the magick - it's alchemic. The process transforms you chemically, molecularly and vibrationally. Your body changes to meet each new curve in the path, intuitively expressing rich DNA programming like the unfolding of a flower when it sees the sun. Your baby communicates and participates and you build the foundation of a lifelong relationship.

Chantal Molnar RN MA IBCLC CCE and Miré Molnar's Birth Journey course located at Integrated Birth in Huntington Beach, California serves the greater Orange County area. After completing the course you will be embodied, emboldened, informed, connected and wildly excited for your unique mountain peak view to come!