Miré Molnar Doula, Spiritual Coach, MFA grew up going to births as a child and had her first job at age 12 working the front desk for renown Orange County Midwife, Lorri Walker. After graduating high school she became a doula and supported (and took birth photography for) several friends during their first births.  In college she taught a High School sexuality class called Radical Vagina 101 that taught human sexuality (to both girls and boys) through the female lens. Miré has enjoyed many years discussing birth and breastfeeding with her mother Chantal and even helped kick-off The Milky Way film project with various production work. However her lineage to the craft of working with women and babies was truly ignited by her own recent birth experience. The support she received she believes is the birthright of every woman. She felt powerful and vulnerable at the same time while always safe and respected. This sense of support and dignity unfolded a beautiful homebirth and an easy transition into nursing. Miré of Sha Mama Rising is a spiritual coach, energetic jewelry designer and Sacred Pregnancy teacher. Miré believes that mamas can tap into a deep inner power during the initiation of birth.  She believes that understanding the blood mysteries and the initiations of the woman journey are a vital consciousness upgrade needed as we humans navigate through the 21st Century. She looks forward to facilitating strength and the embodiment of the Goddess in her expecting moms of the Birth Journey Childbirth Class.

Chantal Molnar RN, MA, IBCLC, CCE was called to her path as an advocate and nurse for women and babies after her own very intense initiation into motherhood that included an abortion, a still-born birth a natural childbirth (with a very unsupportive hospital staff) and several miscarriages.  Her mother journey led her to become a midwife and later an RN. She worked at University of California, Irvine Medical Center for over 20 years both on the Labor and Delivery floor as well as teaching Childbirth Education classes in Orange County. During those years she saw how damaging medical practices are to breastfeeding, and realized she needed to advocate beyond the bedside and so she and her best friend Jenny Davidson made the film The Milky Way to help unpack the complicated challenges facing mothers in America and the lack of support for babies and mothers in general that she witnessed first hand in the hospital and in our society for years. She holds a master’s degree in human development. Today OC expecting moms can enjoy her well of wisdom during the Birth Journey Childbirth Education Classes.